Wednesday, June 09, 2010


When home was Baltimore Maryland. Chris Sieverts enjoying Denny's ramp.

Now home is Santa Fe New Mexico

   Ramping up for the firecracker 50 coming up soon in Breckenridge. Took an early attempt up to rio en medio in the beginning of May. It was pretty good to get back in it even though we hit a bit of snow.

(Anthony's)Bike awaits in the sun

watch your step

flying the colors of one of the finer IPA's in Santa Fe

saw this guy scamper across the trail. Just missed him

   Lots of cairns have been built on the cut thru trail from rio en medio to pacheco canyon road. I mean a whole lot of them. It would make the cairn destroyer go insane.

I absolutely love the cross over trail from rio en medio to pacheco canyon road. Thanks Matt!

   What is in your audio player? I have been enjoying Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zero's disc lately. Thanks Megan. I will also be spending the solstice watching them play on the patio at the brewery. YAHOO! especially after seeing their performance on Letterman.

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