Monday, May 31, 2010

These wrinkles masterfully disguise...

the youthful boy below

   The weather has made a turn for the better here in Santa Fe. The riding has opened up bigtime. Only the highest up stuff is still snowy. The other day Mark and I journied up to Cochiti for the first ride of the season. We rode up Bland to medio dia and rode that up to the camper and then up to killer switchbacks and then back down. The water was crazy there. After that ride we hooked up with Anthony for some sidewinder action and got caught in some snowy weather but not enough to dampen the ride.

The water on the upper part of medio dia was crazy. It has since mellowed out a bit

I like this shot from Killer Switchbacks

Stopped along side the stream to have a snack and reflect

when you are heading out of the canyon at the end of the ride it is always nice to stop and look back up the canyon

Back at the lot with beer in hand

A few days later I met up with some doods and went for a ride up chamisa and sidewinder. was still chilly and snowy

always nice to stop and gaze upon all the lucky people's houses who are lucky to live on the mt.

Anthony feeling the turn

Everyone who lives and rides in Santa Fe knows of the Sidewinder trail... I hope

back at the vehiclesit started to snow more

wondering how snowflakes fall up

   What is in your pint glass? I got this new offering from Bridgeport. I have never been a big fan of Bridgeports beer but they have good prices so i get their IPA occasionally. I have to say this Imperial IPA is quite nice though. I will def buy it again.

   What is in your audio player?
I have been really digging the new Broken Social Scene record.
Live version of sentimental x's

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Ed said...

Snowflakes generally don't "fall up".

If your flash went off when taking that picture the effect you see was likely caused due to "front curtain synch".

Here is a description lifted from

"When making long exposures while also firing a flash, front curtain sync creates an effect where any motion blur - from ambient light - appears ahead of the subject, i.e. it appears to leave the subject behind. In the case of a moving motor vehicle in a night scene, for example, this can create an unrealistic effect since its headlamp and tail-lamp trails will extend out in front of it."

Your shutter speed was likely slower due to low light conditions plus the flash went off.