Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Bike Tosses and Bike Rides

    Rode the fixie to the annual work party a few weeks ago.Autumn and Ella met me there. We had the party at The Bonanza Creek Movie Ranch and it was a good ol time.
There was lots of fun going on. Some people threw some bikes in the air.
Seth tossin a Huffy

Then everybody spun the wheel.
Trish took a turn

Andrew won some cash. He didn't gloat at all.

Ella got some Beer goggles

I spun the wheel and got dunked

The party was good fun. I hope the next work party is at the movie ranch.

    Had a couple of rides up to Deception Peak. One I hit solo so i only took a couple shots.
I rode solo for the ride, I had a friend at the peak though

Ohh Nambe Lake I feel quenched even though I have never drank from your water

   After the solo ride I hit a ride up to Deception with Dom and Anthony. It was a fantastic ride. Anthony took a bunch of good shots and I took a few as well.

Dom climbing the Winsor. by A

Anthony in the meadow

Dom heading into the trees

TeePee love. by:A

Laboring up Aspen Vista. By: A



Always love the view of the trail from above

hiking by:A

Dom descending off the top of Ravens. by:A

Timmy heading down. by:A

Then it was onto the Winsor by:A

the Meadow by:A

Jeff at work brought me a IPA triple from La chouffe that was quite nice. It has a 9%ABV. It was quite nice.

   It is quite a nice time in Santa Fe right now. The 400th Celebration has been going on starting the weekend. Then on Thursday is the BURNING. Then the weekend following the brun is the Fiestas.

    What is in your audio player? I have really enjoyed the latest Dinosaur album. The original crew of JayLouMurph is quite nice to hear again. I like when Lou sings.

                     Have a great day


Jim Beam said...

was the beer quite nice?

William Schiano said...

I like the pic of you guys hiking up that slope.

Dino rips!

That beer sounds nice, quite

The SAC said...

Yeah Dinosaur JR! Sweet video! See you at the Burning, you doing the DB!?!

devin said...

Still one of m favorites...the sound is grate i;ll have to go pick that one up.. I have been rocking out to Flip your wing and new day rising.