Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Peaks and the Valleys

   After the Firecracker 50 race most everyone rolled out leaving Autumn, Ella and I in the townhome for one last night which was pretty nice. Ohh yeaa Eddie the Elk was still there too. I got to go out on a ride on our last day too which was a good ol time. I decided to ride the Peaks trail which starts at the ski area and goes over by the Co trail and ends up in Frisco. I did it as an out and back. I loved this ride. A good bit of hikers on it but I had no issues.Everyone was as happy to be out on this trail as I was. Kissed the girls goodbye and went right from the condo.
   Lots of work has been done on these trails. Lots of wooden stuff because of all the water flowin everywhere.

It doesn't get much better then this

Seemed to be a bunch of old mines up there just like New Mexico

Rainbow Lake , Frisco

Then a late lunch at the Breckenridge Brewery. I will give it 2 thumbs down. Any place thaty doesn't have a IPA rollin is to be repremended.

   At least I got to grab a sixer of 60 minute IPA while we were up in CO. Since you can't get it in New Mex

I Heart Breckenridge

Cant wait to get back up for a visit to Summit County.
    Then it was a trip to the Valley. Valle Escondido to be exact. Sac and I dorve up to Taos the other day and met Dombonic and Bub1 and Bub2 for some fun in the mountains surrounding the lovely village of Taos.

Climbing up from the Valle

Dom exhalting the benifits of imbibing Justins Nut Butter

Todd and Robert riding their bikes

Todd is coming around the mountain

Isaac enjoying his fancy Italian made bike

I can smell the fish tacos now

Peaks and Valley's they are all good

   What is in your audio player? I am amzed by these kids Eric turned me onto. Even if you don't dig on Phish at all check out the vid. They are pretty damn good. specially at 14.

Big Lizard in my back yard.
Careful I have my eye on you.


Ed said...

Nice rides, pics and update.

I love Phish and those kids are great!


The SAC said...

ahhh ma colorado looks dope!! and eddy the elk was tight!!

StageWest said...

That carsonite sign at the EB/164 intersection looks brand new. Wasn't there a couple weeks ago. That's a fun ride.

Anonymous said...

Kind of Italian bike is that?

Jim Beam said...

Nice pics! Colorado is awesome. And I'm goin there for 8 days soon!

ws said...

Colorado sucks but that Taos ride looks awesome!

ps:maybe that lizard will eat the black widows in your backyard

EndlessBikeCo. said...

I heart single speeds too! Nice photographs. I'll be out there soon! yahooooo!