Saturday, July 11, 2009


   Matt and I ventured out to Cochiti the other day before the Firecracker to get some bigger miles in. Bad weather was threathening the whole ride but only came down briefly.

Taking a break at the camper

While there I topped my water bottles.

The desert

Matt looking at his Garmin, which is useless in finding out where you are usually

Wetness hit us a few times on the ride but turned out to be a great ride. Because with the wet comes beauty

On the way home to Santa Fe the rain got worse.

To continue with the Obama theme . Got this from Here

    What is in your audio player? I am gonna stick with Fanfarlo. I wish I was in the yard with them when they did this track. I would play the banjo. I think that would accompany them well.

               I hope you have a good bye

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jessica moon bernstein said...

hey Tim, how's it going? Can you email me those photos you took at Firecracker when you get a chance? Thanks!