Friday, June 12, 2009

Wisdom is but self-awareness, Beyond all words and talk.

   Got out on a couple SWEET rides with the Chut a while ago. One was a ride where we met at el Gancho and left a car there and drove another car to Glorieta Baptist center and pedalled up to the tower via ghost town and then descended Apache Canyon and then took a killer single track out to la Barbaria and then back to Marks awaiting truck. That last singletrack out was new for us and I thought it was fantastic. Can't wait to hit that one again.

Mark has found enlightenment

waiting for their friends

Finding our way

Brought along some whoppers to munch on

The trail and the views are top notch up here

Down at the apache trailhead.

It started getting hot out and I remembered a method Jay uses to cool off and I decided to give it a try. It worked

I love the roads above Canada de los Alamos

Then it was onto that killer last section of trail that I can't wait to get back to

    Then Maka and I met up at the bottom of Pacheco Canyon rd and rode from there and went up to Aspen Ranch and then proceeded to ride the Rio en Medio and it was a KILLER ride. We got some showers at the tail end of the ride. Anyone who has spent some time in the high desert will tell you that the smells when it rains are phenominal.

Just above where pacheco canyon rd turns up towards Hyde Park rd.

We stopped for a snack

Sometimes I wish for signs to point the way. This is just too much though

I believe this to be a lovely ???

crossin' over

Then the lovely shower came and brought the smells out in full force

A trunk with a view

   A couple of SWEET rides.Gotta love it. nothing like hitting the great outdoors for some good ol fasioned fun.

    What is in your audio player? I have been listening to the new Elvis Perkins in Dearland album.



Skipndizzy said...

Nice! Nothing like a new piece of trail to make the Glorieta rides that much sweeter. Lets hit it again soon so I can check it out.

Robert said...

Lotta nice pics in there Tim. I need to see that new trail too...

D Nice said...

Hey Tim,
Looks like I'll be in Santa Fe July 25th - 30th. Will you be around?

D Nice said...

BTW, that's Dom for B-more

Tim Wise said...

Hell yeaa me your itinerary when ya get a

Matt said...

The best trails in the area in that post. Apache has to be one of the most wicked descents in the entire state and it's funny how many people do not ride it - but then again, when your finish the descent it means you have to get yourself out of that valley somehow. :-)