Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Flurry of Foothills Rides

The Bandeleros love citrus

   Ohhh winter . When will you cease? The last month has been spent driving to Albuquerque to ride their Wonderfull foothills trails. I had only ridden the south foothill trails twice last year and I had never riddden the north trails. The north is really fun. Fast and flowing is the way. Road with Maka and the geriatric punker once, and Todd and crew an other and then prolly the best of the foothills rides was when I met up with Chris At his house and him and I road from his house and ended up meeting up with the Bandeleros and they showed us stuff I had never seen on the south trails. It was a GREAT day and Chris seemed to know everyone we went by. There are so many more people out on the trails down there compared to Santa Fe. That can be a blessing and a curse as is true with most things I guess. Everyone seems to have good trail etiquette there though. After the great ride Chris and Ann hydrated me with the some iced tea and I was on my way north.
   Heading to Tucson this weekend to mix it up with the rest of the racers in the 24 hours of Old Pueblo. Make sure you keep an eye on Team Vagina Monocogs.
   I got some pictures with my new canon. These are from 3 diferent rides.

The first ride down there was a north only affair. The trails were super fast that day.

The trails on the North foothills are buff and fast but there are some more tech lines as well.

Mark rollin some rock

Steve even rides with a punk rock attitude

Love this picture

Mark got a shot of me humping a rock

My new Syncros bars are sooo wide that they don't even fit in the picture

   The last ride I did down in the burque was with Chris. We rode the north trails and the nmet Bryan and the rest of his crew and we all hit the south foothills trails which were really fun. The Bandeleros showed us some fun stuff.

Bryan and Rick coming through the grass

I was a little late catching Bryan taking this off camber drop.

I can't recall his name but this guy had skills and was much fun to ride with

Another Bandelero I can't recall his name

Bryan on a fun rock

Andy enjoying some trail mix on the trail

Rick was ripping it up all day. I think he has only been riding less then 2 years

Ramon showing us how they roll in Albuquerque.... cheers

    We leave for Tucson very early Friday. You all can keep up with the antics of Team Vagina Monocogs in real time here.

    What is in your audio player? I have Six parts seven in mine. Very lush instumentals.



Anonymous said...

Good pics and a fun ride!

Good luck to you in OP. Drive safe and ride fast!

Icon O. Classt said...

Nice pix, man. Terrain there looks like a blast.

And that's a GREAT team name, ha!