Sunday, January 27, 2008

Let Me Die In My Footsteps

The New RIG is born at 24.51 lbs

    Got some fun in the snow the other day with ol' man Dan. I have been wanting to do Big Tesuque from the towers since we moved here. Dan knows the run and I didn't want to do it alone the first time since it is easy to get lost up there. There are lots of ridges and canyons that can look the same when you are up in the trees getting face shots. A couple had just gotton rescued up there a couple days prior to our ride. They spent 3 nights in a snowcave. Story here.
   So we loaded up the Cross Country and went up Hyde Park Rd. We parked the car at Big Tesuque and hitchhiked up to Ski Santa Fe. We decided to get an all day pass and ride all day up there and then take the Big T hike at the end of the day. I had a really good time. I hope I can get a few more days like that in. I took some photo's but it was cooollllddddd so I didn't take many.

I was Having fun on South Burn


Dan getting ready to drop into South Burn which is always been fun when I hit it. It has good spaced out trees and you can usually find some good pow in there.

The outhouse at the towers. You get off the triple and hike up to the towers and then you ride the ridge down a ways and then you can basically choose your line down. Just be carefull where you drop.

Nature in all its splendor

The hike up to the ridge

We took a safety break at this point and then got some GREAT turns through these trees. I can't wait to get some more turns in Big T

Christmas Eve in Santa Fe. What has to be one of our most favorite things in Santa Fe is the Farolito walk. It really is what the holiday should really be about. It always seems to put me in a positive festive mood. I have even belted out some Christmas Carrolls by a make shift pinon fire in the street around a group of strangers.

This is Jays MootoXybb

Jay and I at the Stupa
The first guy I rode bikes with when we moved here. Cheers Jay

   What is in your audio player? I have the latest from Tinariwen in mine. They are From the Sahara and they make this otherwordly type of music that represents the everyman of the Touareg movement. It is traditional and very new at the same time. Lovin it.

                     Dong maber


Jim Beam said...

Yo Tim - looks like a great day but COLD! I love the beauty of winter too, but dayum I am ready for some HEAT!

Nice lookin' Rig there - try not to scrape it off on the garage door anytime soon, huh? :)

Matt said...

Awesome new bike there Tim. I love the set-up. I'm no fan of hydros, and the Avids seem to me at least the best thing on the market, Wish they'd come with lighter rotors though and perhaps some year a lightweight ti caliper.

You planning on everyday riding with those wheels though? My experience with the ACs is to use them race only.

cdaddy said...

Nice photos, Tim.

I like the color and larger tubing on the 08 Rigs. Next time your downtown stop into Holy Spirit and ask Bill for a "Jay Special"

devin said...

Nice bike we have been talking about them alot here.. I like your pedals the best. I need to get me some more of those... Stop having all that fun...