Monday, April 30, 2007

Dusk til' Dawn.......

   in Gallup was about 19 degree's. So it is safe to say that i froze my ass off inside my tent in my 40 degree bag. I slept very little. With the arival of Dawn and the start of the Dawn til' Dusk race brought the sun out. When we left Santa Fe round 4 the weather looked pretty scary. For most the drive to Gallup it was either raining or snowing like crazy. Then about 10 miles outside of Gallup it stoppped. When we arrived at the race venue and set up camp it was quite nice out. It was starting to get chilly though.

   We then did a little ride just to get a idea of the loop and drove back to El Rancho to pick up our race packets and get a bite to eat.
Mark enjoying the trails

    Then it was back to our campground for a couple beers and to try to get to sleep. After a restless night of trying to get warm I awoke to frost all over the place. So i had to get dressed and ready for the start of the race as i was doin our 1st lap.Most these pics are from Scott's point and click. I think Mark took most of em. A few are from my camera as well.

The Race got under way and after a few miles my hands started to go numb from the cold. Mark shot this one right before the big climb up to the mesa top.

Mark always seems to find the pretty scenery.

This was a fun switchback

Scott contemplating his next move

I took this while I was waiting to head out on my last lap(5).

Scott and I both rode Singlespeeds but they had no SS Duo Male catagory so we raced with all the cheater bikes. We rode under the BTI banner. The results are here I plan on hitting this race every year if possible. I loved the course and the overall good energy there.
   What you been drinkin? I had a nice IPA from Widmer the other night. It was quite hoppy which is the way i like em.

   What is in your audio player? I have been really digging on TV on the Radio : Return To Cookie Mountain. They have a great sound. Very original. Multiple lyrics harmonizing in a off key kind of way but working.

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StageWest said...

Those are some really good lap times you threw down on the SS Tim! Good job!