Monday, April 16, 2007

Cochiti Kindness

   Nothing Bland about it. Went and rode Cochiti again a few weeks ago and this time we ascended Bland Canyon up to the saddle and then tried to go towards beaver pond but got thwarted by too much snow. So we just turned around and bombed down Medio Dia. I can't wait to do some more exploring up there. There is soooooo much more for me to seee. Todd came along and took some shots and so did i. We met up with some people from my work.
I think we were out numbered by equestrians.

Climbing up Bland Canyon was on a fire road but was still enjoyable.

I had to do some adjusting to my BB7's

A better shot of the Alligator Juniper I spoke of last time i was up here.

After a snack up on the saddle and enjoying the view we decided to go further up to the beaver pond after about a half mile we hit snow and had to turn around

Enjoying the trees

Mark finding something to jump.

The stream crossings were deep with all the moisture this winter.

Scott and I were outnumbered by cheater bikes

Scott's pretty Ti VooDoo SS

   What is in your audio player? I have a new and a old one that i have been rockin to. The New one is the latest Modest Mouse album We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank. For the Old selection, A guy at work hooked me with a digital copy of The Butthole Surfers Independent Worm Saloon as i only had it on Vinyl. This is a great Butthole album. True punk rock, I saw that it was produced by Led Zeppelins former bass player John Paul Jones which is a interesting side note.
   We did Dawn til Dusk last weekend and had a GREAT time . I will try to post up some pictures and such soon. Matt from the Burque won SS Solo and he has a good write up on it as well.He let me hang with him for half a lap. :)
All right y'all have a good one.


devin said...

I've been rocking that same surfers, I don't give a fuck about LSD!!!

hamad said...

you guys looked confused in that pic. with the snow, funny.

slayer- christ illusion is turning in mine.

iconoclasst said...

That VooDoo is one sweet looking ride, man.

Listening to Royal Trux, Accelerator. Helped get me through the Shenandoahs a couple weekends ago...good stuff!