Monday, March 12, 2007

Turquoise Trail

   Last couple of weekends I have been going down to Cerrillos to ride some fun trails south of Santa Fe just north of Madrid. Cerrillos bosts having the first mine in America. The trails are all around old Mines. It has been great to be back out on the trails. It has been a long winter here. Todd took some nice shots and I got a couple from the first ride. Give you a idea of the cerrillos area.
I think that is the Ortiz in the backround.

   There are mines through out the trails in cerrillos that they have put signage explaining who owned the mine and a brief story about it.

Tell me it isn't GREAT to feel the dirt under your tread after a long winter.

We made a wrong turn and went down the wrong arroyo and ended up having to hike a bit in the sand. IT was still fun trying to Stay afloat in the sand.

Then we met up with Los Nativos enjoying the dry trails of Cerrillos.

Anthony and I discussing the Rise of Fascism in the United States.

Besides my ugly mug a good shot from Todd.

Anthony on the REALLY fun arroyo descent.

Todd's dog waited patiently for us to finish our ride.

The RIG then waited patiently in the Santa Fe Brewing parking lot.

While we.......

This was a cool ol cig machine at that shop in Cerrillos

   What is in your audio player? I Have The Velvet Underground: The Velvet Underground in mine.
   The Clocks have been changed. So lets get this party started


gwadzilla said...

sweet set of trails

once again makes me wonder I live in dc

dc is my home
and well
I would hate it anywhere

I sure could use some sweet singletrack just outside my back door

Matt said...

Cool adventure Tim. I've never ridden those trails out there.

Velvet Undergound, now there some rock and roll for you.