Wednesday, February 21, 2007

(My) First Ascent on Lake Peak

Breaking Trail is tiring

    Had a good ol' time this weekend hooking up with couple of guys who were going to get some back country turns via taking the Millennium lift up and hiking over to Lake Peak and then getting some good face shots and coming out on the upper Winsor and snowshoeing out about 4 miles back to the ski area and taking the lift back up and heading over to Big T and riding back down to a truck we left down there. The day started out GREAT. We ended up making some wrong turns with dangerous conditions and having to hike back out of those areas. so the Lake Peak hike took us around 6 hours soo we didn't get to go back up and do Big T but it was much fun to do some back country riding . The snowshoes were really fun. I now need to get a back country bag . I think i am gonna get this one because we can get a deal on em.Anyone have a Osprey bag?
    Soo my camera sux as usual and i only got about 5 shots before it crapped out on me. So Dan Clark took a bunch and burned them onto a disc so i could post up some from the powdery bonanza we had.

Hiking up to the Millennium chair. Just getting started

At the top of the Millennium Lift

The Towers

Hanging on the spine

Steve letting us know

Looking back from whence we came.

Lots of POW

Here we are about to get some GREAT turns

   Then we got into a dangerous section and had to slap on the snowshoes and skins to traverse out of the gully. The snowshoes worked really good. It was a good day to learn how to use them.

Then we got some more incredible turns after we hiked out of the gully

    After that we had to hike out on the upper Winsor about 3 miles on the snowshoes. We made it out way to late to use our ticket. It was a fun day. Dan and I swung by Cliffs Liquor's for a couple 40's. i picked up this nice Durango Brewing selection i hadn't had before. IT was Really Hoppy and Good.

    We watched a good movie the other night called Who Killed the Electric Car? I couldn't believe they were making a car like that. Corporations are Killing us.
    What is in your audio player? I have Bad Brains "Live" in mine. HR and company put on quite a show. East Coast all the way.


Tubeular Visions said...


devin said...

The Big Take Over.... One of the best live bands ever!!!!!!!!!!

Dominic said...

Jealousy from the east side! The punk bike enduro is on 3/11, I'll spill some brew in your memory!
I have 2 osprey bags, they are my fave. BTW, my boy Jeff will be guest tattoing at 4 Star next week, where he used to work. He said it is right around the corner from WholeFoods. Stop by and say wusup. He may be interested in getting in touch with Alex (if he's still around). Peace out.

Dominic said...

Have you seen American Hardcore? Dope movie.

Tim Wise said...

Hey Devin, Seems you have been getting all kinds of powder rides in.
Dominic: Don't spill it, drink it. Yeaa that shop is right next to the Whole. I am not working there any more though. I think Alex is though. I am working at BTI. Thanks for the ospry praise, now i am definitely gonna get it. Hope all is well with the family.

gwadzilla said...

bad brains for sure!

I had I AGAINST I going on the iPod as I got suited up to start my day this morning

have you seen the flix AMERICAN HARDCORE?

it is sick

gwadzilla said...

dom is right
that movie is dope

i laughed
i cried
i snuck a bottle of whiskey into the theater with me

Tim Wise said...

Damn i better get that movie. Is it out on DVD yet? I wanna laugh , cry and drink some whiskey.