Thursday, November 23, 2006

Glory be to Bikes and Trails

   Went up to the fire tower a couple weeks ago with Anthony and his nice new camera and new full suspension SingleSpeed he built up from a older Santa Cruz Superlight. Very cool idea. We parked at the hiking store at the Baptist Center and climbed up to the ghost town and beyond. Man it gets steep after ghost town. It is all worth it though. Anthony and I exchanged the camera so the shots are by both of us. It was a great day with no mechanicals and good energy flowing through the canyon.

AHHH isn't that cute

Anthony in his Man-Pri's

With Glorieta comes some climbing

With the climbing comes resting

Anthony wondering. Can it get any better?

Starting the fun descent

It is loose and steep at the top

Then it gets really fast

Tim getting serious :)

Anthony letting it all go

A nice little break before the last section of FUN

A nice picture by Anthony

Right after the last photo I went over the bars Anthony caught the after math

And back down to the Baptist Center

What a Day that was. Anthony's camera was very nice. I love that descent.
    We watched a good movie the other night called We Jam Econo the story of the minutemen. It was great. Made me LOVE D. Boone that much more.
    What is in your audio player? I have Ben Harper- Fight for your Mind in mine for the Thanksgiving holiday. I hope everyone has a nice day.
Get out and RIDE!
Ale's what cures you.


riderx said...

Nice trail. I need to get out for a visit!

hamad said...

nice. i have thought about doing that to my smoothie if and when my body can't take the rigid monolith. that has to be a smooth ride.

i'm listening to otep...

Matt said...

Just another reminder that I haven't spent near enough time out at Glorietta this year. Looks like you two had a great time!

iconoclasst said...

Nice pix--no surprise there. Those trails seem to offer everything anyone could every want.

Hit Douthat on Friday (18.5 miles)and Saturday (8 miles); ran 2:1 but managed to climb everything and keep on truckin'. Crazy slick downhills because of the DRY, loose leaves. Good times. Hopefully I'll get up a post on it with pix this evening.

Coincidence: Got me Ben Harper's Both Sides of the Gun.

Tim Wise said...

riderx: Anytime....
hamad: That is the same reason that Anthony built his up.
matt: We should do the Glorieta to Santa Fe ride you speak of sometime.
iconoclasst: I tried to ride 2:1 out here but the climbing is just to sustained. It was killing me. So now i am riding a 34:20 on the 29er. Damn i have been eyeing up that Both Sides of the Gun album on itunes. Are you enjoying it?

iconoclasst said...

Yeah, good stuff, the new disc(s). Really diggin "Serve Your Soul," a Hendrix-esque tune with vocals that manage to sound a bit like SoundGarden in spots.

A good mix of styles. Git you some!