Thursday, August 10, 2006

You have just turned onto my street..

    Hey there. I busted out the geary today and rode from Fort Marcy to the ski area after work. I had been wanting to do this ride since I got here, but always decided to ride dirt instead. Last week I was up at the Sierra del Norte parking lot getting ready for what turned into a 30 minute ride because of rain. While I was getting ready, a guy from Albuquerque was talking to me about the trails and said he had officiated the Hill Climb up Hyde Park that morning. I asked him what the winner did it in and he said 59 minutes. Wow I thought. Soo that got me thinking about doing it finally so today I finally did it. I got from my car to the ski area gate in 1:23. It was a nice ride and the descent was a smoker. Will have to do that again soon.
     I had a ride a while ago that was a nice solo ride. As seems to be normal for this time of year it rained a bit and was thunder and some lightning. I took a couple shots from it.
This is the way the clouds look daily lately.

I always like this rock on Sidewinder

I love the Winsor

Coming back down to the car on the ridge

    It was a another nice ride here in lovely Santa Fe.
    I went with Ella's summer camp on a hike up Big Tesuque trail. It was really fun with all the kids. We saw this nice mushroom on the hike

It had a perfect shape to it. It looked like it had oatmeal sprinkled on top.

What is in your audio player? I got Sage Francis- Personal Journal in mine. All righty later on...

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Yuri said...

awesome mushie. we saw tons in flagstaff this weekend. wish i had taken more pics of them.