Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sights of the Santa Fe rail trail

   It was such a bonus when I found out that there was a spur trail basically at the end of our street that connects with the Rail Trail. Which goes right into town and goes down to Lamy about 14 miles of trails The spur trail is another 3.4 miles of dirt. Which meets the rail trail south of town close to Arroyo Hondo. Which also has a few miles of trails as well. To me this is one of the reasons I am digging it here. I must ride at weird times because I never see people out riding on the trails much at all. I guess that is good.
This is a trail that crosses the tracks and takes you to the arroyo hondo trails which I need to ride a little more. Anthony lives on the right side of the tracks. I can ride dirt all the way to his house.

Looking north from the spur

Shadows are sharp here in the desert

Watch for trains!

It is hard to keep peddling past Second Street Brewery when you are on the rail trail.

    Ella and I went on a really nice small hike up at Hyde State Park the other day to the Waterfall trail and with all the rain lately the waterfall was flowing nicely.

Choices Choices

Speaking of beer I think it is about time to bust out the brewing kit. Give it a 2nd try.
    What is in your audio player? I got Pigeon John - Pigeon John Sings the Blues! in mine.
    The Outlaw is getting ready to get on a plane for the SSWC in Sweden sounds like it is gonna be a hoot. Let's hope Joe can score that nice Curtis Inglis the Winners get. It is truly a work of art.
    Brad checked in with a couple pics from a ride he did the other day.


Matt said...

I've always wondered about the Rail Trail. Looks like an intereating ride, but damn I don't think I have the willpower o make it past 2nd Street.

Arroyo Hondo - might there be two places named that? The one I am thinking of is a deep canyon on the side of Atalaya that is supposed to allow you to avoid climbing Atalaya when coming back Glorietta Baldy. I found trails to the canyon last summer, but we bushwacked for a good 2 miles to make it to the other side.

Tim Wise said...

Hey Matt. I believe it is the same arroyo. You would know better then me though.
- Tim

DT said...

I believe Wyeast is coming out with the yeast Rogue uses in their beers (it's called Pacman). You could potentially brew up a Brutal Bitter, a Dead Guy, or maybe one of their Epic Ales...

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trailsnet said...

I'm a huge rail trail fan, and I plan to ride the Santa Fe Rail Trail in mid-May. Then, I'll post a review of it on my website: www.trailsnet.com