Saturday, October 16, 2010

"I'm a dusted old bummy Hurdy Gurdy Man"

   Was digging around the garage looking for a match when I came across this, one of my favorite tapes back in the day. 92 I think. I would listen to this tape sooo much. Flipping that bitch over and over. I still think this is the Beastie Boys best album. Dust brothers definitely helped the Beasties step it up from Licensed To Ill.

    I Was dropping my mom off at the airport and thought that that would be a fantastic time to hit some dirt down in Albuquerque. Bruce was kind enough to meet up with me and show me around Otero. I have ridden here a few times but always like when I can tag along with a local so the there is less debating at junctures. We had a killer ride. Way too much fun to stop and take any photos. 'Cept for this blurry one. I do believe it is time for a new camera. The one I have is all fucked up. It has no lens cover anymore so the lens is just exposed all the time. Most of the pics come out with a lovely haze of oil on them.

   A and I ventured up to Deception Peak the other day and had a great descent down Ravens Ridge to Rio en medio to Pacheco then up to Winsor and then descend that all the way back to TVM

Deception Peak was blissful

I need to venture down to Nambe lake sometime soon

Anthony deftly descending Ravens Ridge

Aspens were just beginning there transition

The upper section of Rio en medio was BIG fun

Coming down Big T from the campground. After this it was a big ripper down the Winsor to the market to the car and cold beers

Interbike came and went as well in September. I went for the whole thing this year. Went to Cross Vegas and had a good time.

   This was my 2nd attempt at brewing. Still doing extract brewing. This was supposed to be an American IPA. It came out good but not really indicative of a American IPA. More of an Amber. I just brewed again this past weekend and went with extract again. This time i got an IPA recipe from John who has been brewing for a long time and is a chemist. I think this one will be much more like a true IPA. Also this time I am going to rack it into a secondary. I hope this helps the cloudyness that i got with the American IPA.

                     Half drank SSweetleafIPA

Susan Butler took 5th

Maureen Bruno Roy pushing it hard

The pro men take off

dolla dolla bill yall

Hey where is his bike?

It was good fun watching a cross race under the lights. Most the week at Interbike was work.
Interesting frame design

Cinelli has stepped up its game for 2011
the new Mash frame is tight

I think I might buy one of these

   What's in your audio player? I have Paul's Boutique in mine. Speaking of which I see they are coming out with another album.

                                Have A Great Day


stagewest said...

Nice on the homebrew. What's it cost to get the basic setup? Definitely would like to learn the art!

Blue-eyed Devil said...

Bring that beer to the Bliss this Satyrday and I'll give you a li'l somethin' to wrap around it.