Saturday, August 07, 2010

Summer Time Rolls

I cant believe that it is into August already. Time goes way too fast in this life.

   Have had a few rides from the last time i have been here. Right before the Firecracker Krista and I had a great 35 miler from town up to the towers. Didn't get many pictures at all cause i was chasing after Krista most the day. Still it was great prep for the 50 miler.

The Winsor is a nice climb and descent

Krista's Cannondale at the Big T campground

Krista climbing up to Aspen Vista trail

At the top of the triple they have a newish cabin they built for the lifties i assume .It is pretty sweet.

When riding up Aspen Vista one must take the obligatory shot of Santa Fe lake

The acequia trail off rio en medio

We hit up Folk Art Market again this year. I quite enjoy it.

I was digging these masks

I am rather jaded, but the skies here in New Mexico are mind bogglingly fantastic

   just a week or so ago I rode up the Winsor to Hyde Park and Big T campground then came back and hit Chamiza and sidewinder back down Sarah's trail to the Winsor and out too beers

senor Mark coming towards the saddle

The post ride high from endorphins and adrenaline mixed with alcohol is quite sublime

   What is in your audio player? Lisa at work turned me onto Mount Kimbie and I have been digging on them. I Particularly enjoy this XX remix. Pretty much dubstep I guess


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Blue-eyed Devil said...

Tim, man, nice post and sweet pix. Hope you and your family are doing well. Maybe we'll catch up next year for the worlds, yeah?