Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Switchback Smorgasboard

   Had a great ride on the south side of the Dale Balls and Atalaya with Mister Anthony. We both snapped off a bunch of fun switchbacks pictures since there are soooooo many over there on that side of upper canyon. It was also the first run off the backside of Atalaya that was pretty much snow free.

Anthony climbing up a tuff switchback

   Then it was time for a break and a snack of Justin's Nut Butter
After a rejuvinating respite it was on to the fun stuff. We went off the backside over to Pacacho and beyond for some fun and frolic.

Anthony about to come skiing into a tight corner

Where Dale meets Dorothy

Huffing up to the Dorothy Stewart split

So there you have it. A study in Switchbacks. A veritable cornucopia of switchbacks. I always enjoy myself when I park at St. Johns. I am gonna have to do it again soon.

   Then, being the consumate tailgator. Anthony brought along some beers in his cooler. So we sat and drank a couple while keeping an eye out for the ever vigilante security gaurds.

    What is in your audio player? I have the new Death Cab For Cutie album Narrow Stairs in mine. On the my space page they have a good youtube video of them doing "I Will Possess Your Heart" on Letterman. I really want to see them.
    Santa Fe Century this weekend. Come on out and have some fun.

                           Automatic Redemption



Badger said...

The nutbutter is in reference to the dogs bullocks you took a picture of?

Anonymous said...

Just surfed in from Chris' blog. I dig the photos!