Monday, January 08, 2007

Blanco Luminaria

   Had a nice Christmas eve on the eastside, at a friends house. They had a tasty lamb stew and GREAT margaritas. Afterwards we walked from there house and basked in the glow of the Farolitos and the Luminarias on Acequia Madre.

This is a picture of a flying farolito that this guy lights and sends off into the sky using the hot air principle. They are quite beautiful in person.

   Happy New Year! Let us all have a GREAT 2007. We just watched the ball drop at home. We had visitors so it was laid back. We did watch The Di Vinci Code. Then a good Jail Documentary from a State Pen in Alaska. We are Wild aren't we? Speaking of the ball dropping, Man, Dick Clark wasn't looking or sounding to good at all since his stroke. I think he needs to retire. During the Thanksgiving Holiday I went down to White Mesa with Aaron and we met JimBeam and RobK for a great ride down there. I only got a couple of shots so here ya go.

    This is what Santa Fe is like these days round here. Which means I haven't been on my bike in a couple weeks. The snowboard has been getting a workout though. Ski Santa Fe has been a blast. There are a lot of trees to cruise thru. : ) They also just opened the new Millienium Triple Chair which takes you to over 12000 ft.

This was a long Icicle

    What is in your audio player? I have Ben Harper- Both Sides Of The Gun in mine and have been enjoying it in the snowy weather. Thanks to Wrench In The Gears for the suggestion.

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iconoclasst said...

Nice post, man. Wish I had phot-worthy terrain near me; I might actually get out and ride it. Well, if Lady Winter would comply and freeze up the ground already!

Good BH disc, but I like the second one (Better Way) best. Glad you picked it up.

Got a good beer tasting event coming up next week at the Brickskeller in DC...Allagash and Russian River combined; plenty of specialty beers for the samplin'. A few of us are pedaling out to it; gotta remember to bring the camera, ha!