Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The DarkSSide of Dale Ball

    You have to love the South side of Dale Ball trails. It is where there is some scarier type of riding. Ledges, loose rock descent,steep climbs and steep descents. Todd and I met at St. Johns and peddled up to wilderness gate and went in to Dorothy Stewart trail and went to Dale Ball South trails from there. I must say the climb up from Dorothy Stewart trail to Picacho is almost worst then taking Atalaya to Dale Ball. Todd wasn't feeling the Dale Ball South on this day but still had a sweet ride. We were both gearing up for big rides up in Taos that we both did this past weekend. I did the big ol Double Boundary Ride put on by Matt and Todd did the Enchanted Circle Century the same day. We both had a blast. A writeup from my Double Boundary ride will be soon.
     Here are a few pictures from the ride I went on with Todd

Dale Ball ROCKS

Todd just riding along

I have to learn to stop smiling all the time

Todd cleaned his chain too much and it broke. It was a nice time for a break anyway

Everything is sooooo Green these days

Todd with a fixed chain

I figured I would take a rest here. Todd agreed as well. Santa Fe has many spots made for resting

A hiker came up on us resting. Everyone in Santa Fe that hikes seems to use hiking poles

Todd coming out of DBS and I think he was ready for this ride to end.

I rode my geared cyclocross bike out on a ride on the trails the other day. It was my first geared ride on dirt since I have been here.

     what is in your audio player? I have the new Thom Yorke album in mine. Courtesy of my bro IN San Fran. I am liking it.
     I will leave you with another fine sunset from the front door. Come back and see us again real soon.



Mrs. Outlaw said...

Tim your pix are so killer! SSO and I will definitely get out there sooner or later!

Hello to Autumn and Ella!

Matt said...

Dale Ball South is so awesome. Reason enough to move to Santa Fe if you can have that in your backyard.

505live said...

Tim, enjoyed the company on Saturday, I have yet to ride dale ball, survey says I need to get out there. =) FYI, I added you to my links at 505live.com. Looking forward to the DBT pics too.

iconoclasst said...

WOW! The sky is on fire.

As usual, good stuff and pix that get the green monster riled. Thanks for the little piece o' paradise.

Tim Wise said...

Julie: MR. and MRS OUTLAW are welcome anytime. The girls say hey back.
Nate: If you are ever coming up here to ride the DB let me know when you are planning on it. Maybe i could join ya.