Friday, June 16, 2006

Talking shit about a pretty Sunset

  Hello. What does everyone got going on this weekend? Been pretty chill round these parts as of late. Mostly SSolo rides. Things of that sort. Actually it has been nice to get out alone. It seems so different from riding with people. You can move along at a nice slow pace. A good way to get into my Dharma.
  I got some nature shots on The ride I did with Jay the other day to bishops lodge. I also went to the Skatepark finally the other day. Dusted off the ol Skateboard .Had a really good time. I need a new deck though. I am off work tomorrow so I am gonna hit up a ride somewhere. The wind has been getting wild around here lately. In Baltimore it was never windy like it gets here. Sooo different here.
Cement is Fun

View from Sidewinder

Where our path met a rich persons road. :( Trying to find a connector to Dale Ball North

The trails behind Bishops Lodge are buff

  We went to Shidoni last week and had a nice time. We got to go into the forge and see them getting ready to pour. They also had a nice little train garden rolling through the grounds. Very cool place. We need to go back.

   What is in your audio player? I have Bob Dylan- Another Side of Bob Dylan in my player. Bob fits in well here.


Matt said...

Yep, "rich persons road" is the one I come on out at.

I took the Wily up your way on Sunday and rode Chamisa-Serpent-Burn Area-Winsor-Borrego-Bear Wallow-Chamisa and descended down dog turd Chamisa. Ummm, much to my suprise the SS bike hooked up damn good. Ignitors, still on the bike and I cleaned all except one switchback early on Chamisa (damn it got steep!). Otherwise a great ride.

Tim Wise said...

Nice! That is a SSweet ride up there. Could of avoided dog poopmeza and taken sidewinder.Didn't have time? I just put a Ignitor on my RIG. First ride on it today felt much better then the bald Exiwolf i had on there.Post up next time you ride up here would love to get dropped by ya.

Matt said...

I got to ride Sidewinder. Last time I was up your way though Tony from B-n-S told me to call it Serpent.

I will let you know next time...this ride was last minute as I *tried* to ride KOTM but got ran out of there with the crowds and just decided at the last min to head up your way. No worries about dropping either..I'm an endurance rider so I'm pretty middle of the pack on group rides.