Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Moving to other shores
I feel the time has come to end this here blogger. I have been rolling over at tumblr now if you want to waste sometime at work go HERE Don't let the door hit ya on the way out

Friday, December 30, 2011

Starving Weirdos coastal séance

Messing with Anthony's picture

Couple more rides. One of which was with Anthony and we got snowed on up high. It was fantastic ride in October. Anthony snapped some shots as well. The shots of me are by him

Up close and personal

Popping out to Hyde Park rd at Pacheco canyon

Anthony just above the Winsor on Sarah's Trail

In September I got the chance to ride with an out of towner up at Taos. David was a great guy to ride with and I hope I get the chance again.

Coming back down to the car at Nogal. I love Taos trails

The trails have been rather muddy and snowy with only the winter time trail spots going on. Been having to head down to Albuquerque lately

What's in your audio player? Love these take away shows. Been enjoying his latest album

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Tea or Coffee?

COFFEE of course
   Java Joes is roasting their own bean now and we are digging it over here at casa Wise

   Some past rides up to the tippy top of Santa Fe happened on the tail end of summer here One ride a while ago was with Brett to go see the damage from the Pacheco fire first hand. Parked at the bottom of Pacheco Canyon road and went up to the ski hill road and then took that up to the upper rio en medio and then took the nambe trail back over to rio en medio then the cutover back to the car at Pacheco Canyon road. It was insane the water damage that was caused once the fire took out any from of stability form the river banks. Got a couple pictures non of which really capture the feeling.
Great ride though
We saw no evidence of fire til we started to descend towards the nambe from the saddle. Then we got down to the nambe river and it was just crazy. Lots of hike a bike through big damned up areas of big trees.

This was one of the only areas that had a big burn area on the whole nambe section we took. Most all the other damage was just huge erosion

Anyone who has been to this juncture knows that the railroad tie that is here was just a curb height drop below it. Now it is like 4 ft.

   Did a shuttle ride with Matt, Robert and Todd. We met at nun's corner and proceeded to pile into Todd's truck and drove up to Aspen Vista rd. We rode up Aspen Vista to Ravens and then descended that and the Winsor down to Chamiza and then sidewinder back out to the cars.

This was the first time I was seeing some of the burn area.

Sometimes on Ravens Ridge the barbed wire is uncomfortably close

Decisions decisions... lets stay on Rio en Medio

Todd coming to the top of a climb on Sidewinder that is not as wimpy as it looks in this picture

When we got back to nuns corner we drove back to the shuttle vehicle up at Aspen Vista trai lhead and enjoyed some fine beverages. Great day on the bike

   A little later I hit up Ravens Ridge with Matt. It was a fantastic ride

Matt right as you get to the barbed wire fence

We stopped here for a snack just after you drop onto Rio en Medio trail off of the upper Winsor

Then like the other shuttle ride we drove back up to Aspen Vista to retrieve Matts car and have a beer

Then the family and I went to Zozobra to get rid of some unfinished gloom we were all holding onto.

   What is in your audio player? I am liking the latest from Cass McCombs. I have enjoyed his stuff ever since Ben hooked me with Catacombs.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Heart means everything

Frontier art work
The Duke in the Duke city

“Sometimes I just get tired of thinking of all the things I don’t want to do.”
— Charles Bukowski
Going to Colorado is not one of them

I got to accompany Ella on a camping trip to colorado this summer and we had a blast. I got to ride my bike twice as well. I met up with Matt in Durango and he had me park at Coal Bank Pass and start climbing on the singletrack there and he would meet me on the climb somewhere as I was later then I thought getting into Durango. I didn't take too many shots but got a few of the wonderful trail he took me on. Thanks again Matt for the hospitality.
Once we got up the sweet climb we got into the high alpine stylee

Then we made a right here and took Coal Creek Trail back down to the parking lot.

View from the gas station in SIlverton

I think I could live here

Coming into Ouray

Ella definitely liked Ouray

The other ride I got in was originally going to be meet Matt up in Telluride for a ride there. Matt ended up not being able to get up there so with his suggestion I did a ride right from the campground while Ella and the rest of the campers went to Telluride for the day. It was a great ride because I did it all right from the campground. I road dirt roads from Ouray to Ridgeway and then took some more dirt roads up towards Mt Sneffels and then eventually descended some killer super steep singletrack back into Ouray on the Dallas trail.
Some llamas eyeing me up suspiciously

This was the where the singletrack and the Dallas trail started. I decided to add some extra singletrack in and went up towards Blaine Peak on the Dallas trail before heading back towards Ouray

I was glad to find the east Dallas trail head. I was thinking I was not on the right path for a while.

The trail got SUPER fun at this point

Can't say enough good things about our trip. I can't wait to go back up there for some camping and riding. Good bye Ouray

What's in your audio player? I have to admit I have been digging that track from Lana Del Ray- Video Games she performed it on Jools the other night.